It's not hard to keep your car smelling clean. Regularly cleaning helps, but if you don't always have time, we have solutions to keep your vehicle fresh.

If you care about your car, then you know it must smell good. No one likes a car that smells like dried-up french fries or your gym socks. You don't have to be a mechanic or know how often you should clean your car engine to prevent odours from building up. There are ways you can keep the musty and rancid nose smells out with the most common household items.

How to keep your car interior clean.

The first thing to remember is that your car's interior is typically a moist environment – it's not always apparent because you are used to it. Still, moisture can build up over time and give off a musty odour. One way to prevent this is by keeping the inside of your car clean—but not everyone has the time to regularly wash their vehicle or even take off that pesky set of keys left in the console.

  1. Clean the interior and remove anything that could be causing bad scents (we're looking at your old Mcdonald's bag).

  2. Vacuum the upholstery, and give it a good steam if you have a steam cleaner (this will keep your car from smelling like vinegar).

  3. Use natural air fresheners to provide a breath of fresh air.

  4. Fill a cloth bag with activated charcoal to keep the moisture–and nasty scents out.

  5. Use baking soda to dry up the extra moisture on the upholstery.

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Follow these tips if you're tired of your car smelling bad and people complaining about taking rides with you. It's a problem that plagues everyone's life. From the squashed take-out containers to the stinky shoes in the back of your trunk, no one's immune.

Stay tuned for more car cleaning tips on how often to clean your car.