If you have a car guy in your life, we've got the perfect gifts for them. We've found everything from car cologne to portable power stations and even gift certificates for racing experiences.

The best gifts for car guys

Mini vacuum

The Mini Vac is an excellent gift for car guys because it can be used to clean the interior, exterior and engine bay of a car. It has six attachments that allow you to vacuum carpets, mats, upholstery and even hard-to-reach places like between seats or in door panels. The Mini Vac is also great for cleaning wheels and tires because it has an extendable wand that reaches all areas of your vehicle's wheels without getting down on your knees or crouching over a tire like some sort of caveman.

The best part about this gift? You can get one in just about any colour you want—be it pink or black—so there's something for everyone!

Image of a bottle of James Vantage Car Cologne, the perfect gift for car lovers

Car cologne

Car cologne gives your vehicle the noticeably satisfying aroma you and your passengers have been looking for.

Whether you're looking for a present for your husband or boyfriend, or just want something for yourself, car cologne makes an excellent gift for any car lover. A bottle will last longer than most other air fresheners, so you won't have to worry about running out as soon as he opens it up!

Portable power station and jump starter

This is a must-have for any car guy. It’s a battery that can jump your car and give your phone some extra juice, no matter where you are or what car you drive. You can even charge two phones at once if need be!

The best part about this gift is that it fits right in the glove compartment so it’s always there when you need it—but hardly anyone knows about it yet. The price tag isn't cheap, but it's worth every penny; I'm sure whoever receives one will thank you too many times to count.

An image of cars on the track, a racing experience is the perfect gift for car lovers

Gift certificate for a racing experience

If you're not sure what your loved one would like and are looking for something that will encourage them to spend some time behind the wheel of a car, consider giving them a gift certificate for an experience like a race track day or driving school. Most racing experiences come with the opportunity to drive everything from race cars to rally cars, so there's something for everyone. 

The best part? Your gift recipient can choose exactly what they want out of their experience!

A photo of an aston martin - the best gift for a car lover

Gift certificate for auto detailing

Auto detailing is a way to make your car look as good as new. Detailing experts use car cleaning products, tools and techniques to remove dirt, grime and other debris from all parts of your vehicle, including the engine compartment and interior and exterior paintwork.

Car detailing services come in different intensity levels depending on what you want to do to your car's appearance. Some people just want their cars vacuumed and shampooed; others have more extensive needs, including polishing metal parts or applying protective coatings like waxes or sealants. The most extensive services will even include hand washing the tires, and clay bar treatment, followed by polishing afterwards if necessary.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for car detailing at a fraction of the price of a full detail, check out our James Vantage Detailing Solution. 


Dash cams are small cameras that attach to the windshield and record the road ahead of you. They can be used for fun or if you’re worried about security, but they're also a great gift because they're relatively inexpensive. There are many options on Amazon and elsewhere, so if you want to get your car-loving friend something on this list that's not quite as pricey, this is it!

These gifts are perfect for any car lover

Finding the perfect gift for the car lover in your life doesn't have to be difficult.

Dash cams are a gift for car guys that is practical, fun and will help protect your friend's car from accidents, the dash cam is a great option.

Car cologne is designed to enhance the scent of any car. All-natural Car Cologne is a fresh way to make any vehicle smell bold and invigorating.

A gift certificate for auto detailing will be appreciated by anyone who loves cars but doesn't have time to detail their vehicle.

These ideas will make any motorhead happy this holiday season.