Car Detailing Solution

$9.99 CAD


Your car is your most valued possession. That's why you need the best detailing solution that gets inside her gaps and small cavities.

That's why we've created the powerful all-in-one gel James Vantage Car Detailing Solution to keep your car impeccably clean.

This detailing tool is perfect for cleaning your car’s door jambs, vents, under the seats, and other hard-to-reach places and can be used on any surface, including plastic, leather and cloth.

Give your car a showroom shine with our professional-grade detailing product.


How does the product work?

Simply rub the sticky gel like solution on any surface in your vehicle, and watch the dust and crumbs be pulled away.

How many times can I use the solution?

The solution will be good for a handful of times depending on the level of soil of your vehicle. We recommend vacuuming or a brief dust beforehand.

Can this be stored in a vehicle's trunk in hot/cold temperatures?

This product will remain intact throughout different temperatures. It is recomended to keep the solution dry until use, and to keep the product out of direct sunlight.

What is the consistency of the product?

The gel cleaning solution is firm and sticky.

Can you re-use this car detailing solution?

You can reuse the solution but not wash it. Use until it loses its stickiness.