Car Cologne - Air Freshener - Fire & Ice

$15.00 USD


Fire & Ice is a distinctive scent, and fans of tobacco-based fragrances will likely love it. The aroma has an intoxicating sillage with well-balanced notes: not too sharp or sweet but intensely aromatic.

One of the most underrated elements of owning a car is keeping it smelling fresh. James Vantage’s Car Cologne will ensure your vehicle is smelling top-notch no matter the weather, season, or circumstance. Leave a clean and fresh scent in your vehicle every time you drive with our Car Cologne from James Vantage.

Our car cologne is made from high-quality ingredients that are safe for your vehicle and environment. It’s easy to use, too; simply spray it into the air vents in your car for immediate fragrance.


How long does the car cologne scent last?

The scent will linger in your vehicle for up to 24 hours.

What are the ingredients?

Our car cologne is made with essential oils and alcohol to lighten the scent.

What's the best way to use it?

We recommend spraying car cologne into your vehicles vents, for a longer lasting scent.

How often should I spray it?

Spray once daily for a long lasting, fresh scent.

How strong is the scent?

The scent is strong without being overpowering.